Thursday, June 25, 2009


John Lindsey

The bright blue dinosaur with yellow potato’s. Long, fat and yellow horns. Light purple eyes, that looked like cats eyes. Faster then the speed of sound he walked like a benut butter tabolet no a nice hot frothy summer day. Found a monder bike on the side of the bike he places and apple. Faster then you could say apple sakes. And places and dog on the bike and a bird that was fat and happy because every thing it the world was going her way. For when the was a young bird the was sad and now the was happy on the side sitting head first on a bike and a shopping card that Mr. Dinorsore found on the side of the bike he put on the bike once again. With toe nails of steel and the color or rotten oat meal the Dino spoke with a thick britsh acsent. “You find some fast, food now or I shall eat you and run over you 10 times on my moter bike and stomp on you 111 with one of my toes and eat you up and spit you on to the gound and put you on the side of my moder bike. Like a shot of fast slick lightning the dinosore, with the fast feet and the big toes and feet, ran fast to eat me where I was standing next to a flower. As I stand as fast as can be I looked at a yellow flower with a big on it, fastly I sit down and look at the big evern faster is it ground. BUT WAIT! The Dino is coming fast and I must do what has to be done to get my self out of the dinos charge. As I sit and watch the dino I see him coming like a runner that is fast like the speed of sound with I need to I will sit and watch him coming. Fast I slap the eye hole of the dino with fast hands like monster mango litter box tag and eat him and rub soap on him for fast acting killing power for lost of times I eat soap. And I dug a hole with a moder bike and every one was feed pizza with Canada bacon on it. For master face had taught me well. I laft and said, “Ha you won’t be faster food now dino.” I said with a smile. A smile that warmed my day. Back at home my eating lost time for, I stand and eat bubble gum gravy. Your man is came am here. He came to the door with wide open smile and smile is mine. I said, “Hey give that back or I’z will kill you!” With pointed finger with finger extended touching me finger on his. Was like brother in facts be know faster the we could blink on a cold winter day. We throw down. My mother said don’t throw down in here young me and we did. But she said not and we flining arms on coutch and faster jumping and shot toes and faster punching and I said, “We need to do what we need to take it out to the back of the yard fast.” And we did, that then we swag around trees that that leaves on them and bit them for releaf to the fast editor that kills storys. I fiouhgt the editor fast and we found commen gound. And so I put in chimmny the editor and so that way they would have up and down but no side to side. And that way it would not be messy gound. For my mother was flowering down there. And so I climbed into my bed and thought fast and made a page of a report. And was tired and so I wrote fast to make it perfect like and perfect report should be perfect. Fast and thinking good I found raw thought works fast and thought funnier for a min longer but not all time. So but I found a place to write a report fast and found that people don’t know what spell check is for the boootten was missing for then I went to bed fast like a mouse in a wall of a house with lead fasests.

The End

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Night in the Grass

We aren’t going to breath or touch. Find a crutch sleep or dream to see all the unseen. We are going to sit and wait with water in hand waiting for the sun to rise on mornings command. Smell the due, no fire is made to people have come none, just me in the dark tell dawn.