Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October Strings

Wonderful October day today. I miss you, you all, I look all around me and I realize how I wasn't alone all along. I saw all of the people and wondered why I didn't know them and why they don't know me.

I met a con girl today, she had conned her whole life away. I told her my phone number was a cup of coffee.

I met a man on the bus breathing hallelujah. I told him he wasn't alone but didn't listen to me.

I felt an old girl with a feather in her hair. I told her I was here and I'd talk to her for a little wile.

I miss my friends I've never had, I miss my father and I miss my dad, I miss my mother and joy we had. I finely see the October strings. Black cats and hags never had it in for me. I never had it in for them. I find my self where I need to be and a place I want to be. I think its beautiful, when all around me is falling into deficit.

The world could end and any moment. An asteroid could hit us at any time, things happen. We have no insurance of survival. No one to save us but us.

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