Sunday, September 28, 2008

For Every Job Application That is Filled Out in Vain 3000 Innocent Kittens Die!

People who know me will tell you that I’m not a violent person. But filling out job applications turns me into a different person. When I’m sitting at a table or desk filling out job applications. Filling out the same dam information over and over again and knowing that it really doesn’t matter if these employers know this stuff or not. Knowing full and well that I might as well fill out this application and throw it in the nearest waist resepticle. But when I get to a part that I just don’t understand, like on a dollar store application that asks me, what experience I desire to gain. I just sit there looking at the question for 30mins. First I think about the real answer, I want to gain the experience of making money. Then I think about how that’s not even and answer. Then I think about the answer they want me to put. Like, broadening my horizons in the work place. Then I think about how I just spent 30mins on one question, thinking deeply and philosophically, on a job application for the dollar store. I look at the clock and I see that I just spent an hour and 11 minuets on an application I’m not even half done with yet. It makes me a little angry. No it makes me border line psychotic. I want to find these people that crated this work of satin called a job application. Death would be too good for them, they need to suffer in the catacombs of hell! I really don’t know what happens its like something just comes over me that I can’t control. It’s a thrust for violence that I only get when I fill out job applications. It makes me wonder if the world would be a better place without job applications. Would there be less violence if there was no job applications? Would we all be happier? And more importantly if you don’t agree with filling out job applications why do you support a system that you don’t agree with?

I have a resume and it pains me to think that I need to write the same information that is on my resume into and application for no reason other then because. It also pains me to think that in some places I’m not aloud to go outside the application, not even with an attached resume. I am really good with people, but it never asked me that on the application. I can set short and long-term goals and get things done but it never asked me that on the application. I think I’m almost at the point of going around town asking for an application and writing on it, “Give me a fucking job!” With a phone number. I need a job so bad but I can not stress how much its killing my soul.

If I was in charge I would propose that businesses make there application process more user friendly. I think the business should make applications more standard and not expect them to be filled out completely. If applications are not filled out completely they missing content should be able to be found in the attached resume. Also the resume format needs to be standardized as well. I think if these where implemented we would have a happier community and less people out of work. All and all I think we all can agree that the whole system needs to be made more user friendly somehow. For the employer and the employee.

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