Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thoughts and Food

Eggs, Steak, Hamburger, Liver, Spinage, Carrots, Olives, Black Beans, Oranges, Blue Barrys, I really don’t know why I have food on the brain. What I’m really thinking about right now is how I never read.
I never reed other writers work. I always tell people to reed my work, but I never reed other artists. I need to get on that. If I ever want to grow. That and get a job. I really need to get a job. Maybe all become the Anti Christ. I’ve always wondered what happened next in the story. You know the bible story, what happened next? Maybe all write it and bring it to an end. Its stuff like that; that sells books you know. Some might say I’m setting my goals a little high but I don’t think so.

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