Tuesday, September 16, 2008


One person sits in a table and chair in the mall. So many thoughts so many faces and none his own, all for the taking. This odd aligning of events made something curious happen. Much to his amazement someone sat and perched themselves on the chair across from him. "Is this a good time?"

Without looking up he said, "What do you mean by time?"

"I can't be sure, all I know is it's been a long time sense I've talked to you." said the person across from him. The young man looks and sees a girl but nothing more then lets out a yawn.

"How rude." Said the up right female in front of him.

"I don't have time for little girls and silly games so if you want to say something then say it." Said the man, and sat back as nothing had happened. They just sat and looked at each other for the longest time.

"You're the real deal aren't you?" said the girl with open eyes.

"If I was to tell you it would defeat the purpose of this conversation that we are having right now." Said the man without an expression.

"No you just don't want to answer my question, you just want to change the subject. Funny thing is I wanted to change it too." Said the girl sternly.

"You know it's a lot of work to create your own thoughts like you just did there." The man said.

"Right so I was going to ask you what we should do now, now that where here again together. I mean don't you want to go back?" said the young women longingly.

"Nothing more comforting then this place we have found ourselves in the eyes of the world. But the world doesn't see through our eyes. Didn't we have a deal you weren't going to talk to me ever again?" said the young man with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes that's why I wrote you this." The girl riffled through one of her pockets that seemed to be full of little notes and shoves a folded paper into his hand.

"How did you know we were going to meet?" He said.

"You didn't." She winked then handed him a letter.


The manuscript read:

Dear Recipient

            Ha! Your talking. There probably isn't any doubt in your mind as to my deeds. But you're talking to me and that must count for something.

            I have come to deny the existence of God because God acts similar to something that isn't there at all. The weird part being that I want to try this over again. Not for you but for myself as I have nothing left to do.


"So what is this suppose to do? Am I suppose to somehow be in awe of you somehow? Or is this just to spite me? Do you want to fight?" the man lays down the letter in front of him and folds his arms.

"I really don't like arguing.. I'd rather agree... so I like to discuss." Said the girl sincerely.

"Your not making any sense! I'll put aside that the lines between arguing and discussing are thin at best. But to say there is no God and then ask me to reunite with you is absurd just like this conversation. You and I know God is real and stuck behind that catalyst wall of his. Putting human sin aside I need to find a way to repent for my own and I can't do that without you. The fact is the only reason God is letting us speak right now is because in the end it will be just as if we never spoke at all and that is why we can't get back together ever." The man slowly lowered his painful cast from the girl to the ground.

The girl crossed her arms down word clasped her hands smiled and said,

"Unless we go into it knowing it will end."

"Are you really up for doing this over again?" said the boy.

"Yes." Said the women standing before him.

"Then lets go."

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