Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mood Strikes

Every time the mood strikes me, I go for a late night stroll. Dream walks I call them, the time when the world is able to take in a deep breath. Its sters an invigorating feeling in my soul. One last walk before the crimson curse blankets the valley in red death. I'm never as brazen at I think I am, I never seem to go where I want to go. I'm always looking over my shoulder in fear of the night. To help the panic all often sing a well known toon. As I walk I look at the houses, and wonder who these people are and why I don't know them. I wonder what types of lives they live. I pass judgment on the houses and make up storys. When walking I often light a cigaret to help clear my mind. Take a shallow breath and coff, I've always been a horrible smoker, if there ever was such a thing. Half the time I just let them burn out, but theres something about having that fire in your hand and the way the smoke billows out into the cold night air. That stink on your flash and the filter in your mouth as you walk. I always find it interesting that in walking I've never had any problem with people, the truth is I never seen any one out at the time I take my walks. No, the problem is with stray dogs. Stray dogs will attack you if they see you at night or at least give you a scare. With no one around you feel helpless. But that doesn't happen vary often. In the back of my mind I'm always wishing to meet some one out on my late night venturers. I really don't know what I would to if I ever found any one out there. Probably talk to them. I've always wanted some one to walk with. It gets lonely, its always lonely. I would ask them what they where doing. If I could tell that they had no business being out at that late hour I would be intrigued. Vary intrigued and want to know more. Like I said I really don't know what I would do I just know I would talk to them. Maybe thats why I walk, maybe thats the only reason I walk, in hopes of meeting some one. No, thats not the only reason. I walk for the fear the cheep thrills of knowing that I'm the only one thats up and theres a higher chance that something might happen to me that out of the ordinary. I walk because I'm broken and I know that if I find some one walking when I am; they will be broken too. And I will have some one to talk too. And that is why I walk...

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Anonymous said...

I read this one on myspace and heard you moved ^^
nice written, just feels kinda good to know there are other people wandering around in the night time looking for something,...else. :)

greets anni