Friday, December 12, 2008

Don't Make People Angry

I found that I don't need to make people angry at all. For people are angry about the same things. It's a blanket statement that I wish I could disallow, but I came to the conclusion none the wiser. You see there once was a time in witch I thought that I could only truly know some one if, I got them raging mad. This led to much folly in my early adolescent years. But I learned from them and was completely and utterly embarrassed at the sight of my self. I now can put my mind to other things like human behavior. Such things stir a grate need inside of my soul like a monark passing wind on a dimly lit television show, with faces and posters plastered on every nook and cranny of meaningless existence. And so thus far I have been able to decipher the human code in entirety, in all its entirety. For I know now that what never knew should not bother me, because the unknown can be molded and formed before the present engulfs it in all its glory, and makes the thought concrete, like a stone statue in a park with shit placed on its slick pantaloon. But never shaking never wavering sits atop a sleet stone throne forever. Now of cores you have to know you and you alone when performing such an act against man and god. The trick is in making you forget that you ever had such action. Like an old obese glutton, not as sharp in the mind, not knowing tea time for cocktail hour, that says with out thought, "When is the next feast I am starving." Or the again old woman who cry's for the fifth time of an equally old mans telling of a story, never remembering the first time from the last. With all seen and unseen circumstances clouding your view you might wish to go back. But I would like to leave you with this blunt and unfiltered sight. There is no going back. Thank you…

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