Friday, February 6, 2009

I can write well.

Writing again, writing again. I snuck into an empty classroom to write this note. Starting to put my ideas down the the screen seems harder then I thought with every dismal minnuet fleeting by. Bound to the place to become something better and still I will not know the true consoences of this continuse fate untell I have found myself in that which is it, continuse fate. So in other words I don't know. I do know lots of things however. I know its raining outside. I know that I am in a place right now that I will not be bothered or told to go away but I also know it is a place I am not aloud to be. I know how to confort a friend and I know when to end it. Maybe I don't know when to end things, I've often thought that I end things too soon. That is to say that I end realationships too soon. But then theres always that voice in your head that says, well if you wouldn't have ended it you would have gotten hurt. I know what its like to be hurt. I know what its like to remember something as if it was yesterday, today, tomarow. I live for tomarow, I know how to do that, I know how to take all my sadness and anger hold it deep insid, put it aside and look forwords to something like tomarow. I know how to forget, forget the futcher and lets the past catch up to the nonexistent now. I know how to write. I know how to love. I don't know how to get a job or fill out a form. I don't know how to spell. But I can write. Yes, I can write well.

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